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“Vocational Education Completely Changed My Destiny”.

Arz Muhammad
1990  Sui Baluchitan

“I was so anxious because of poverty and unemployment. I had started thinking of committing suicide. I got sick because of anxiety. It was a hard time when I completed my school. my father is a laborer, who barely manages a living for us. A friend told me that Sui Taaleem Foundation Vocational Training Center is offering free dress making course. It was my childhood dream to become a dress maker and the Taaleem Foundation fulfilled my dream. I completed the course. Currently, I am doing a good job and supporting my family. Vocational education changed my family’s destiny. Thank you Taaleem Foundation”

“I got respect once I acquired skills”

Skill Development

People consider me as their servant, whenever I went to offer some services on daily basis I used to see hate in their behaviors. I was just 20 years old, when my master asks me to lift 50kg bag of cement”

It was very hot day, when the poor kid fell down with the heavy bag of cement and he decided to leave that work. But when the thought of his sick mother hit his mind, he decided to continue the work for the sake of saving his mother’s life.  He lifted that bag of cement with wet eyes that was the day when he decided to learn some skills. Then he came to know about Vocational institute Sui, he discussed the entire matter with his friend who helped him to get an admission in dress making course for free.  He learn sewing during the course of 6 months.

“Now, I’m working as a tailor on a tailoring shop and feeding my family. I’m thankful to Taaleem Foundation which is arranging such courses for us”

Addul Sattar, Sui Balochistan
Dress Making Trade 1st Batch

“From waiter to Graphic Designer/Social media Activist”

Lal Buksh Bughti
Sui Baluchistan
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My father has married three times and we are 15 siblings. My father works on a shop of a merchant and because of poor economic conditions I wasn’t be able to study. My family struggled for food. So, I started work on a restaurant.”

They were passing through very hard and tough time. There were no other means of earning and life was getting hard day by day due to unbearable expenses. One day Mr. Muhammad Hakim met him and urges him to learn some technical skills. He talked and discussed the benefits of technical skills with his father. HE got a chance to learn graphic designing from Sui Vocational Training Institute and it has changed his entire life style, currently he has his own social media Page and he is earning better than his previous job. He is fulfilling all the expenses of his family in much respective way.

“Thanks to Taaleem Foundation for changing the life of a poor and needy, my mother prayers for Taaleem Foundation”

“Be Grateful to those who helped you”

“I’m Razi khan s/o Shahi khan. I’m 19 years old and literate up to middle only. Despite the wish of my parents I can’t continue my study.”

Razi Khan is an inhabitant of Sui, which is not developed like other cities of Pakistan. The community members have not proper awareness about education, their routine is to work hard and start earning at very younger age. He was more concerned about his future, as he was already working as labor, and wanted to learn some technical skills. His father came to know about the Vocational Training Institute Sui, which is offering free of cost courses. Razi Khan got admission at VTI and completed the course of dress making. Now, he has bought sewing machine and started his working at Sui Centre as dress maker and earning 10,000 per month.

“I’m thankful to Taaleem Foundation, which has helped me to start earning in a respectful way”.

Razi khan,
SUI Baluchistan

Dress Making Trade 2nd Batch